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Goodbye 2016…

Well hello internet! It has been a long time since I have posted for you all! The holidays are done, a new year has started and here we are. I thought I would do a recap of 2016 so we can look back on what was potentially the worst year of all time. If it was good for you, I am eternally jealous! If it was bad, well, this post will be for you because you were NOT alone.

It seems to me that 2016 was a universally rough year for everyone. For me, it had a mix of good and bad. I thought it would be fun to recap sixteen things that were good and sixteen things that were bad. Let the anticipation begin!

Lets start with the good..

  1. It was another year I was blessed to have on this wonderful Earth.
  2. I was reminded that I truly do have the BEST friends in the whole world!
  3. Baking is still my form of relaxation.
  4. I discovered I really enjoy the beach and need to move to one asap.
  5. Luke Bryan can make you forget about anything and everything during a live show.
  6. You can meet amazing people at a Luke Bryan concert (look for a separate post coming soon!)
  7. Music really can heal a hurting soul.
  8. Heartbreak will change you in the best way possible.
  9. My littlest nephew turned 1!
  10. Turning 23 meant waiting in line to go see ‘Finding Dory’ after a 13+ year wait.
  11. I learned that I am not defined but what I go through but how I handle the change.
  12. That saying no is OKAY!
  13. The sports industry is by far the most exciting industry to work, specifically football!
  14. Putting yourself before others is not selfish, it is necessary.
  15. You will meet the best person after losing the one you thought was “the one.”
  16. I will be okay!

And now, the bad that really made 2016 the year almost everyone wants to forget…

  1. Heartbreak will absolutely destroy your entire world
  2. Delayed flights and horrible airlines are the worst
  3. Negative people affect every part of your life
  4. The person that broke your heart will never fully leave your heart
  5. Brakes for your car are stupidly expensive
  6. Tires for your car are, also, stupidly expensive
  7. Feeling alone is the worst feeling you might ever experience
  8. Heartbreak will change you in the worst way


I could go on forever in the list of good things that happened and I actually can’t think of sixteen things that were bad in 2016. Heartbreak alone could take up the whole list. One thing I learned is that life is short. No one person will ever define your entire life. Your dreams are more important than you think. And you, alone, are everything this world needs.

2017 has already turned out to be a better year than I could have ever imagined. I can’t wait to tell you all about it! 🙂






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