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The Girl Behind The Blog

As I try to dip my toes into the permanent blogging world, I realize there hasn’t been much said about ME. I have an “about me” with some quick info regarding things that describe me. Posts about things that happened in my life, my holy grail beauty items, etc. But nothing about who I am, where I am in life and WHY I started the blog in the first place. So, let’s get personal. Really, really personal.


My how things have switched and changed since the photo above was taken. I remember the day like it was yesterday. It was 3 years ago, to be exact. Since I was 12, I always had this dream to see the Hollywood sign. Not necessarily go to California, see the ocean, try In & out burger or, really anything else that Cali has to offer. The Hollywood sign was my #1 thing on my bucket list. At 20 years old, I was able to see it. In all its glory. I was ecstatic. I was giddy. I was happy.

Happy. A small word with such different meanings to everyone. For me, I don’t know what that is anymore. And that is why I started this blog. I focus on everyone else in my life SO much that anything and everything I want to do takes a back burner. How fair is that?! Recently, I have felt the toll of that “burden.” Three years ago, I was a girl with a weekly gym routine, healthy meal eater and had a daily routine people still tell me they could never have done. Why was I able to do it? It was my schedule. It was my normal. It was my life. That “normal” has since changed. By a lot. Although I have thankfully maintained my weight after a 30+ weight loss, my gym routine is non-existent, my food choices could be better and daily routine?? WTF does that even mean?!

Bolg Post Photo 2Life has happened in the last three years. I became an Auntie.  for the second time. I experienced great love and even greater heartbreak. The truths behind student loans and credit card debt. The thrills of new adventures. The beauty of new friends. The importance of family. The rollercoaster of stress. My absolute need and desire for plane rides and vacations. Life. I have experienced life. Now, it is time to start experiencing life in new ways.Blog Post 3

Starting from this point, this blog is going to be more than the things I love. It is going to be the ups and downs of what I want to do, see and experience. It is going to be the stories of my adventures and misadventures. The motivation and hardship of restarting my love with the fitness world. The lifted weight and pressed weight of paying off those credit card bills. The discovery of new things and old. And, the most important, the realizations that YOU can live YOUR own dreams WITHOUT anyone else. This will be my journey to ALL things HAPPY!

Starting with ME time at Starbucks with some classic rock and roll. Because it’s Saturday and, although gloomy out, happiness awaits! And the gym… as it has been for three years.

Won’t you join me? I promise it will be interesting.



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