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Secret Obsessions: Acai Bowls

Hey guys! So, we all have them. That one thing we just can’t get enough of. We crave it, dream about it, love it and basically could die happy after we have it. Or, maybe that’s just me after I get my hands on an Acai bowl. I am a foodie at heart. I have a degree in it so, I must love food. Lets be honest, who doesn’t?? I have yet to meet one person to tell me they hate food. Sure, we all have those food items we hate, with a passion(goodbye seafood, mushrooms and eggs..). But the good always out does the bad. So, I am here to confess my current obsession… The Acai bowl!


My obsession pretty much started back in 2014 when I took my first trip to great ‘ol California! Rubicon deli in San Diego, California introduced me to what would be the thing I craved. A few months after being home, I had to have one. So I did what any human does these days.. I took to Pinterest to find the perfect recipe. Although I’m still working on my own variations, I have found a fool-proof one that I make at home from time to time! When I went back to the beautiful San Diego in the summer of 2016, I would be lying if I said I didn’t travel 3,000 miles for an Acai bowl. Cause… I totally did!


Better Buzz Coffee! Let’s just talk about this glorious place for a moment… Not only did it provide me with my “Cali” Acai bowl but, also the best coffee on the West coast. It is the cutest place. It makes my little soul happy every time I go to California. I really need them to migrate towards the Midwest.. Thankfully, I live in a place where Jamba Juice exists and they have officially fed my obsession one too many time..


Berries, banana, granola, honey and ALL THE COCONUT make up what is, probably not the best version but, the tastiest. I think I get this beauty at least once a week. I just can’t control it! Acai bowls can come in many different variations. And, if done correctly, can actually be relatively healthy! It is easier to accomplish a healthy version when made at home. I like them like I like my coffee… Simple, tasty and basic. The way they are meant to be. I never switch it up. All the things I crave from a classic acai bowl are when they are made with all the above ingredients. My goal is to discover a way to make the EXACT version from Jamba Juice cause, a girl has to save her money!

However, my city is getting a new health food shop and that have ACAI CUPS!! Ya’ll.. my Acai loving heart can’t contain the excitement! I’ll be sure to blog about that one when I get my hands on it!

Until then, tell me what YOUR secret food obsession is! I have many more but, this is the top of the list right now. Here’s to hoping Mexico has blog and Instagram worthy Acai bowls!

Until next time…






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