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A Few of My Favorite *Fitness* Things!

I got such a great response from my ‘A Few of My Favorite *Beauty* Things‘ post that I had to do another one! Today, we are talking all things fitness! Well, the items that make you look cute and help you survive in the gym. Here we go!

My favorite “fitness” items are ever changing. However, these are the basic items that I either live in or, can’t live without! From clothing, water bottles, etc., these items are sure to become your new favorite!

When it comes to clothing worn in the gym, I am pretty simple. If I find shirts or a pair of leggings I love, chances are high I will buy 10 of the same item. Why keep shopping when you found what you love?! (Oh wait, because I’m a girl and shopping is my middle name…)

Let’s start with the two brands everyone needs in their life. One, you all may know about. The other is a girl I have had the privilege to get to know through her amazing Etsy shop. **Be sure to read through the end for a special discount code!**


If you have followed my blog, or Instagram, you know that I am OBSESSED with Fabletics. I literally live in their leggings. I also live in Shark Bites of Life shirts designed by the AMAZING Theresa. All the items on her shop are well thought out and designed by her. She also happens to be one of the sweetest people, based off social media conversations, I have “met.” I really hope to meet her in person one day. And own everything from her shop! Below is the listed, linked items for easy access!

  1. Fabletics Salar legging is my go to for ANYTHING. I workout in them, hangout in them and do daily activities in them. They are a must for the price! I get the short length, as I am 5’2″, and they couldn’t be more perfect. Paired with my Sharks Bites of Life ‘It’s a Top Knot, Double Shot Kind of Day’ shirt and my go-to outfit is complete! What I love most about Theresa’s shop is that you can custom design any shirt. When bought mine, it was in the middle of winter here in Minnesota so, I wanted the shirt in long-sleeve. She delivered and I’m obsessed. I get compliments ALL THE TIME!
  2. You guessed it… the same leggings with my newest shirt in my SBOL collection! When the weather finally turned to spring, I needed some new items in the wardrobe. I ordered this SBOL ‘Comfy’ shirt and it is seriously everything the shirt says. I could have gone with a smaller size but, it is a very flowy shirt in a way that makes it flattering when it is bigger.(I have it tied in the back in the photo..)
  3. Although a different set of leggings, it is still Fabletics! The Camacan Capri was the first item I bought out of my usual capris purchase(coming soon…) It is a tighter legging out in my drawer but, it does the job! It isn’t my favorite to workout in but is definitely good for running errands, cleaning, chilling, etc. I am wearing my FIRST ever SBOL purchase in the photo. The item that got me interested in Theresa’s shop at all… The ‘Fueled by Coffee and Carbs’ shirt. You guys, literally me in a shirt!
  4. An item not shown but was the item that made me fall in love with Fabletics was the Lima Carpi. They are so comfy and for being so short, they actually hit on the ankle perfectly. I am 5’2″ and the lay right where a capri should.

Theresa was SO KIND to give me a discount code to share with all of you! Use code LIVESBOL for 10% of your purchase of $25 or more! Good through the END of August! and if you stumble upon her Instagram page, tell her I sent you! Thank you, Theresa!

Some other items I have found to love but not wear has much I have gotten from Target! I generally wait for the items to go on sale before I will purchase them. Certain things run a little pricey to be from Target. Below is my current shirt obsession from them. I wish I had it in every color! And, you guessed it, I am wearing my Fabletics leggings in the photo.  IMG_0150

Old Navy is a good place to go for workout items if you are on a budget! I’m not a huge Old Navy shopper, except for their $2 flip-flops. But they are nice for the price and easily accessible when you need something immediately and not ordered online!

I  also have some miscellaneous items that I love! Here is a list, and links if available, for you to sneak out and buy!

  1. My Lifetime Fitness gym membership. I am not someone that can workout at home so, I go to a gym. Although pricey, it is the place that has changed my life in many ways. I mainly love mine because of the location, hours and all the amenities available to me. Every Lifetime is a different price so, be sure to look at the local Lifetimes in your area!
  2. Nike Shoes!! This is what started my tennis shoe obsession. I try not to pay full price for my workout shoes, unless I see a pair I “absolutely have to have.” I have recently started to also love Target’s athletic shoes. Specifically these Women’s S Sport by Sketchers. They are super comfy and print and color are to die for! I also have them in plain black. One can never have too many black tennis shoes.
  3. Shakeology shaker bottles. I had no idea how much I loved this bottle until I dropped mine and it cracked and I’ve been without it for a few weeks. I get my items from a Beachbody Coach that I know and love. She was also my first ever supervisor when I worked at Best Buy. I love how the world works!
  4. My most recent discovery has been One Protein bars! My body is very sensitive to all protein powders so, I almost always have to go with a protein bar. I do also enjoy Quest bars but, One Protein is currently where I am most obsessed. The Maple Glazed doughnut flavor is by far my absolute favorite!

Like I said, my favorite items are ever changing. These are the current items I am obsessed with. If you follow me on Instagram, you will see new favorites, and old favorites, as I work them in and out of my life!

So tell me, what are YOUR must have fitness items?! I am currently on the hunt for the best gym bag around. Leave your comments here or on my Instagram page!



**Disclaimer: This post is not sponsored. All opinions are my own. If I am lucky enough to have a sponsored post, I will always be 100% honest in all my posts.**






One thought on “A Few of My Favorite *Fitness* Things!

  1. My matching work out outfits from Torrid!!! But if I had to choose one, their sports bras are the greatest!

    My random items, coffee, coffee mugs with awesome sayings, bath and body works, and candles!!!!

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