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Blog Post 4.pngHi friends! It has been too long since I have written a blog post. I missed my days of sitting down and writing. I got a new job and I am now entering my busiest time of the year. Hello football!!(and Fall….)

Over the last month, I have noticed many things that have changed about myself. Some good and some bad. One major thing is excuses… I could be deemed the QUEEN of excuses. I have completely slacked on working out(let’s be honest, all year..), eating semi-good and pretty much every aspect. I feel like I haven’t felt “good” since the middle of May. Granted, life has been going a million miles a minute and has been never-ending. We moved, I went to Mexico, had a birthday, concerts, family time, etc.. It has been one thing after another. But now we are almost done with 2017 and it’s time to get serious.

In today’s post, I will be talking about my top goals for the rest of 2017! Here we go!!

  1. Fitness! – This is the most important for me, currently. I used to have the routine of all routines a few years ago. My days were down to the second. I am finding it extremely difficult to get back into it. My eating wasn’t the best but, I was moving and grooving enough to where it wasn’t 100% effecting me. I have so many friends that live and breathe fitness. One is even a bikini competitor! She’s a special breed of human, though 😉 How do you guys stay motivated to keep your fitness routines up when life is crazy?! Comment below!
  2. Diet!We are all guilty of slipping and sliding on our daily meals. But, I have reached an ENTIRELY different level… I attended WE Fest 2017 here in Minnesota at the beginning of August and, y’all, I think I have had a small bag of chips almost everyday since! WTF!! I am not a chip girl, not even a snacker but man, we had so much left over food and I, clearly, had no control. I am also not a huge breakfast eater which is SO BAD. I can’t eat eggs and hardly ever have time to make a smoothie or anything so, I grab what I can or go without. I want to change all aspects of my diet. Slowly but surely, I will get there.
  3. CREDIT CARDS! – Okay… I know I said fitness was most important but, this one is like being first place in the Olympics. It is my biggest stresses and the four, yes, four, things, I need GONE! Or, at least down to zero. Apparently it is bad for your credit to close a credit card..(insert eye roll emoji here). If there is ever anything I could recommend to anyone, it would be to never USE a credit card. Get one because it is good for your credit and helps build your credit score. I try to use my biggest on for emergencies only. That didn’t really happen… LOL! (insert crying emoji). I will be creating a document to help me keep track of what I owe and what I pay. Stay tuned!
  4. Savings! – I will put it simply… I NEED TO START SAVING MONEY!!! 😉
  5. Blogging! – If you know me, or have read any of my previous posts, you know this blog is what I want my life to be at some point in the, not so near, future. I have big plans for it and hope to be more continuous. I have enjoyed everyones feedback, comments, love and support from previous posts. So, what does everyone want to see?? I need ideas!

There is just over four months left in the year. These are the four things I want to have good and started so when 2018 finally does roll around, I will be ready! 2018…. slow down, Lindsey. It’s not even September! I will try to do smaller posts about each goal separately to track my progress and to show you guys if I am actually doing it!

What are your goals, plans, etc for the rest of the year?? Let me know below!

I hope you all enjoy your weekend!! ❤




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