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Apples & Pumpkins & Donuts, Oh My!


Fall has officially been in full bloom in Minnesota and I am not hating it! I am not a heat person so I love when the weather gets cooler. Plus, it means we are that much closer to Christmas and that makes my heart EXTREMELY happy!

A few weeks ago, my mom, sister and I took my nephews to an apple orchard in White Bear Lake, Minnesota and it was the best day. First, what a cute little city! I don’t think I had ever been before and it looked like something out of a Hallmark movie. Can’t wait to go back and explore.


The place we went to is called Pine Tree Apple Orchard. Not only is there orchards upon orchards but, there is a corn maze, pumpkin patch and the BEST little shop and dessert café. Yes, a DESSERT café. It was like apple cinnamon heaven! My mom and I got there earlier than my sister and the boys so, we started our exploring by walking around the shop to see what it was about. There was anything and everything apple you could imagine. Apple pie, apple bars, apple jam, apple butter, apple turnovers, apple cider, apple cookies, apple donuts and, of course, apples!


At this particular place, you could stand and watch them clean and separate all the apples. It is the neatest thing. My mom was like a little kid. She was so fascinated! I thought I was going to have to pry her away from the belts. I brought my nephews up there later and they didn’t want to move!

After a little bit, and after my sister and the boys finally arrived, we headed off to see what was around. We started our day on the wagon rides! It takes you up and around the orchard, which is also on a beautiful lake. The views on top of the hill were gorgeous!

I was hoping it would drop us off by the pumpkin patch but, apparently that wasn’t a thing…. Off to the trails we went! The trail takes you through the orchards and then you hit the corn maze. We decided not to go in the corn maze because well, let’s be honest, I was not looking to get lost with a four year-old and a two year-old. A mellow Saturday was kind of my idea.

Now, I am what some may call a “pumpkin snob.” I always look for the perfect ones. You know, the ones that are most round, no green barely any dirt, etc. I love pumpkins! You pick your pumpkin, take it to the weight station and each pumpkin costs $0.50 per pound. It took Romeo a little bit to grasp the concept the pumpkins will be dirty and it’s okay to pick it up. He refused to touch them! Thankfully his older brother was more than eager to be let loose to grab some. Eventually, they left with three little pumpkins. I, however, had a pumpkin quite the opposite. Mine was just over 22 pounds! He sits on our balcony with some hay bails and other pumpkins we had previously. They will even bring your pumpkins down to a tent in the parking lot so you don’t have to carry them. #WINNING

After the pumpkin patch, it was time to head for a snack and some shopping! Everyone got ice cream with some type of topping. They cinnamon ice cream is to die for. It looked like vanilla but tasted like a hot tamales. AMAZING! Mine had apple topping and caramel sauce on top. Absolute heaven. If I could eat it everyday, Lord knows I would!

IMG_0992We went back through the shopping area and man, was it so much busier than when my mom and I first got there! I already knew what I wanted. Apples, pancake mix, apple butter, jam and apple cider. We got all that and then some. We had to pick up some apple donuts, of course. I don’t think they even last three days… We also got a hay bale, potpourri mixes and some mulled cider mix. The apples we got were honey crisp. They had many varieties but, had to go with a favorite!

Then it was time to go home, decorate with pumpkins and hay, drink some cider and make all the apple things.

Tell me, what are your favorite fall activities or things?

Happy Fall!







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