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May Self Care Challenge!

Learn to fall in love with taking care of yourself

Happy May, 1st! I just can’t believe the month of May is already here. The weather finally started feeling like March here in Minnesota and I am living for it! That also means there is less than 2 months until my birthday… I am not living for that…. Which is why I am so excited to bring you a NEW series for the Month of May! A Self Care Challenge!

I have been able to meet some wonderful humans the last few months on social media and on of these great humans started a book club! The first book we did was ‘Letting Go of Leo’ (review coming soon) and now we are starting the book for May. ‘The Self-Love Experiment‘ by Shannon Kaiser.

Along with reading this book, the wonderful human leading this group, Alexa of the ‘Healthy Dash of Sass‘ blog, is having guest “live” speakers on Facebook(linked below) and guest blog posts each day. I am so excited to be guest posting on May 11th. My topic is mental health. I will let you all know when it is live and I hope you all take a moment to read it!

Now that I have shared with you the new challenge for May, lets talk about what I will be working on this month!

  • Workout Routines
  • Healthier Eating
  • De-stressing
  • Less Plans, More Planning
  • More Blog Posts

Each area will have a blog post where I discuss how I am making each one happen. As far as the more blog posts goes… I am not going to do a set schedule quite yet. I need to find my groove again. The posts might be sporadic for now, leading up to a schedule in the near future!

I would love for you all to join us in our Self Care Challenge. The more the merrier! Also, leave your self care tips and tricks in the comments below! I would love to here what you all do to put yourselves first!

Also, please go follow Alexa! I will leave all her links below, as well as the link to the Self Care/Book Club Facebook page!

Happy Tuesday!



Find Alexa here:


Healthy Dash of Sass


Healthy Dash of Sass

Dash of Sass Community


Healthy Dash of Sass

Dash of Self Care/Book Club

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